About Us

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast has always been renowned for its resounding beauty and creative vibe attracting artists, writers and musicians, but despite the huge developments in the region, Noosa was lacking its own high end music production facility.

After 5 years of planning, designing and building from research around the world, including visiting world class studios around the USA, we finally present to you 822 Studio.

The studio has been meticulously designed and built using the most current studio design philosophy’s and techniques to make it into a truly unique and creative space.

This is not just another studio for tracking, mixing and writing. We have gone to great lengths to make this studio comfortable and workable.

The air conditioning system is silent, yes silent so that you can have the perfect temperature around the clock and all year round without having to turn it off to record.

1.2 tons of silencer boxes incorporated the air conditioning system helps made this happen.

Also you can record anytime of the day as the studio is soundproofed from the outside so there is no problem having late night sessions.

There is a large control/mix room, small live room and large live room/auditorium.

The auditorium is wired into the studio for tracking or even live recording of an event with separate live mixing console.

We also have a cafe with commercial kitchen and commercial size coffee machine for our clients to relax and refresh in their breaks.